Alexan Melrose

Architect: Architects Orange
Builder: TCR
Developer: TCR
Sign Designer: Clear Sign

“Timeless Design” was the key objective during the conceptual design process, and for good reason. This 410 unit garden style property boasts a long list of amenities while incorporating high quality / durable finishes.

Like every TCR project we have worked on, there is always a driving force for perfection. While meeting all of the specific project requirements and objectives. For TCR this doesn’t mean big bold awkward signage. Rather tasteful, integrated, coordinated, inspired and rich with a undeniable consistency with the rest of the design theme.

With such strong architecture our inspiration was merely to blend in, provide consistency but do so with quality finishes and creative lighting elements. Examples include matching a fabric used in the pool areas and matching paint with the trim of the buildings. Creating a cohesive signage theme while providing innovative solutions to illuminated addresses and tiny property lettering with halo LED illumination.

Bigger is not always better, bold is not always pleasant, but timeless...

Is well, what it is. Which in many ways is the most challenging angle to approach signage design, and when well executed... simply fits the surrounding areas rather than completes.

At Clear Sign, one of our competitive advantages lies in our vast design and production capabilities along with our client-centric culture that fuels our collaborative nature. At the end of the day, Alexan Melrose raises the bar for product integration and timeless design.