Architect: AVRP studios
Builder: Swinerton Builders
Developer: Ariel LLP
Sign Designer: Hollis Brand Culture

“Beginning with the end in mind” can be a great strategy when embarking on a difficult and challenging project. When one starts at the end, the primary aim often shifts from “What do we want”, to “What SHOULD we build” based on important factors like final placement, designed viewing distance, and proximity to the ocean or to pedestrians, among other influencers.


So it should come to no surprise this thought process was recently used when Clear Sign was chosen to provide signage for downtown San Diego’s newest ultra-premium property, Ariel Luxury Suites. Swinerton Builders is responsible for this $59 million 24-story mixed-use high-rise consisting of over 200,000 SF of high-end apartments and 18,000 SF of premium retail space with underground parking. Located in Little Italy, Ariel Luxury Suites offers stunning bay and city views along with spacious balconies and beautifully designed luxury finishes. With a project scope encompassing the interior code signage, exterior illuminated signage, 4000sqft wall mural and 600 linear feet of Building Lighting, this project was certain to offer some challenges to the Clear Sign & Design team.


Like many other high-end sign packages Hollis Brand Culture has designed this one was oozing with luxury. From the 316 stainless steel suite ID’s and evacuation maps to the Halo-Lit exterior channel letters with LED illumination, Ariel Luxury Suites takes the concept of signage far beyond the commonplace and mundane. The crown jewel is a 125’ long architectural masterpiece designed to replace a now hidden Wyland mural – the property’s new multi-layered modern art 316-SS mural with LED accent lighting pays tribute to San Diego’s long time maritime heritage.


Wrapping up the scope was the design and installation of over 600’ of green LED building lighting. Like branding, visibility was also important to the building owner who wanted to make sure their new building stood out from the crowd not only during the day, but at light. The bright green LED’s used grab the wanted attention with a very tasteful approach and do so using very little electricity.


Clear Sign & Design’s capability to responsibly execute on Hollis Brand’s original intent for the interior signs, exterior signs, and the wall mural was a “clear” advantage to everyone involved. Conventional wisdom would have divided the project among four separate vendors, only adding to the stress of building a property of this scope on a tight time schedule.


At Clear Sign, our competitive advantage lies in our vast capabilities and in the client-centric culture that fuels our collaborative nature. At the end of the day, Ariel Suites raises the bar for what an ultra-premium apartment building SHOULD be.


To find out how Clear Sign can benefit your next project feel free to give us a call at 760.736.8111 and lets start something today!