Bridgepoint Education

Architect: NA
Builder: Clear Sign & Design
Sign Designer: Bridgepoint Education

Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (NYSE: BPI), provides high quality, innovative post-secondary education services to enrich the lives and communities the company serves.

Bridgepoint’s newest building, located in downtown San Diego at 600 B Street, is used for administrative space to support the online learners enrolled in Bridgepoint's Ashford University and University of the Rockies. Not only is Bridgepoint making great use of their 28,000 sq. ft. downtown office, but they’ve also taken full advantage of their exterior signage allowances. Partnering with Clear Sign & Design, the education leader now boasts two 6.5’ tall sets of illuminated channel letters visible from nearly everywhere in downtown San Diego, including Interstate 5, Coronado Island, and Petco Park.

Clear Sign’s experience was key to the early completion of what was already an extremely short timeline on this challenging project installing (2) sets of channel letters 415’ above pedestrian traffic. Not until the potential liabilities are noted is it evident that a project of this scope is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of company to work safely and successfully in such a tough environment, which is precisely why Bridgepoint chose Clear Sign to design, permit, engineer, fabricate, and install both sets of letters.

Great detail was taken to not only ensure that the individual letters were built to withstand the ever-present wind, but that all materials used would be corrosion-resistant. Securing the letters brings obvious concerns as does drilling hundreds of holes into the building’s facades. To counteract that concern Clear Sign employed a proprietary mounting and sealing method to ensure a stable connection to the building and watertight penetrations for mounting and electrical.

The high-rise environment also called for special attention to detail in the selection of materials. What would be the point of getting this far just to have a dim, hard to read sign – or one that is costly and dangerous to service? To overcome these issues, Clear Sign selected the industry’s best Low voltage LED products to illuminate the letters as bright – if not brighter – than neighboring neon and LED signs. Thus it was no surprise when our installers flipped the switch the night after the installation was complete, and saw our 12V powered letters proudly outshining the competition.

Despite the short timeline, Clear Sign was able to fabricate and install both sets of letters safely and securely with a week left to spare.

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