Being in the custom manufacturing business since 1981 has taught us many lessons. Over those 30+ years we have painstakingly read, tested, deliberated, quantified, evaluated, and discussed virtually every technical issue known to the sign industry. This enormously valuable process has helped us grow and expand the range of capabilities we can offer our customers. Our passion for learning has never faded – on the contrary, our appreciation for the value of continued learning has only increased and is a major focal point of our company culture. At Clear Sign & Design, our value comes not only from our final product, but from the experience we use to help guide you to a solution that meets YOUR criteria – whether based on production time, expected life span, designed viewing distance, unique application, location, or budget.

Our track record of performance on build-to-spec projects is second to none. Projects like these always bring a unique and enjoyed perspective to architectural design and environmental graphics. In fact some of our most rewarding and high profile work has been done on a build- to-spec basis working with some of the regions most talented architectural and design firms. Whether that project was a small stainless steel sculpture or a complete way-finding package for a 300+ acre college campus, the lessons learned from each one build on our strengths, and add to our already strong base of in-house capabilities.

On the other end of the spectrum, Design/Build projects give us the opportunity to custom-tailor your product or solution based on your outlined criteria… no matter how simple or complex. Our resources and options are truly endless when it comes to shapes, sizes, colors, materials and life expectancy we can offer. Added to those options we offer a long list of proprietary value engineering solutions. These are answers to problems that we have learned from, and documented along the way. In short… Our name might indicate we just sell signs, but our true offering to you and your project encompasses more than you might think.

For more information on how we can put our 275+ years of combined staff experience to work for you… give us a call today at 760.736.8111.