Design & Engineering

Design and engineering can be two of the most important phases of any project. This is when your concept becomes dimensional -- when materials, finishes and processes are specified, options are defined, colors are sampled, and your sketch comes to life with 3D imagery. We use a proprietary blend of tasteful design and value engineering to meet your specific needs, no matter how simple or complex.

Our 30+ years of experience with materials and processes pay dividends for our customers, and it all starts with our on-staff design team. Using a variety of programs and file formats, our designers can create conceptual sketches or full size specified plans based on your needs. Our flexible skill-sets and our focus on exceeding the needs of our customers help us adapt to virtually any design requirement with outstanding results.

As conceptual artwork makes its way through the specification process, we pay close attention to the intended lifespan, quality expectations, intended use, site conditions, and budget of your project. Clear Sign & Design can even offer drawings stamped by a licensed Structural Engineer when your project or municipality requires it no matter the location.

Additional offerings include 3D files and scaled prototypes when necessary. 3D files enable us to better plan for the structural needs of a product as well as gives you the customer the ability to see what might have started as a scribble on a napkin in true 3D form, making sure the original vision or design intent is being followed. Its technologies like these that add to the list of deliverables we provide.

These are just a few of the ways Clear Sign & Design brings significant value to all of our customers. For more information on our capabilities or how our team can benefit your project, visit our TEAM page and contact one of our staff members today. We look forward to putting our team to work for YOU!