The Fabrication Department is where the real magic happens – where raw materials are transformed into art. The process itself is a beautiful collaboration when state-of-the-art machinery, old-world practices, creativity, experience, and color all melded together with the latest high-tech materials in our 18,000 sq. ft. Southern California manufacturing facility, where some of the industry’s best fabricators turn out top-quality products of all shapes and sizes. There are truly endless possibilities to what we can create for you and your growing business or project. Whether it’s the fusion of metal in a large monument/pylon structure, the detail of a sandblasted cedar sign, or a beautifully crafted ADA sign with stone accents, our team CAN deliver.

Our capabilities are enhanced by our two flat-bed CNC routers, automated shear and break, profile roller “for those smooth radiuses”, laser engraving, MIG/TIG welding of all common materials, and much more. We offer on-premise paint matching and a wide variety of finish coat options – from high gloss 2-part polyurethanes, UV and Graffiti resistant clear coats, patinas, real and artificial rust, to gold leaf, galvanization, and powder coating, the options are endless.

Our experience in LED illumination brings your signs beautifully to light, adding yet another element to grab the attention of your customers and powerfully communicate the message you want to convey. Whether in halo, face, accent, color changing RGB or direct application blending the light source to compliment the product is critical.

Clear Sign & Design is proud to be a UL48 qualified manufacturer, which gives us the flexibility to design and build your custom product with confidence knowing it was built within UL’s strict criteria and will wear a UL listed label for permanent ID.

At Clear Sign & Design, our entire Fabrication team is laser-focused on delivering world-class signs, on time and on budget. For more information on how our team can build something for you, call one of our Sign Specialists today and see what our experts can create for you!