Greek Chicken

Architect: N/A
Builder: Clear Sign & Design
Sign Designer: Clear Sign & Design

For more than 30 years, Greek Chicken has been a well-known Southern California source for Authentic Greek cuisine. Over the years, they’ve developed not only a menu that delivers top quality food, but a level of service and an overall customer experience that tie it all together to provide an outstanding value. This value is not based on using the least expensive products, labor, or cooking techniques, but on quality, experience and execution.

Greek Chicken is a business with a long history of high performance and a bright future, to say the least. So when the freeway sign they purchased a few years back was already showing premature signs of age and deterioration, they looked for a new Sign manufacturer that shared their philosophy of quality and value.

What better partnership for a 30+ year old restaurant with a culture of quality than a 30+ year old sign company with similar standards, ethics, and a constant pursuit of excellence. Greek Chicken needed a sign company that could rely on its experience and recommend the long-term advertising investment that was truly needed. The result was a stunning 14’ x 21’ illuminated oval pylon sign with freeway visibility resting 35’ above grade, built with quality materials using skilled labor and proven techniques.

Clear Sign & Design was excited to design and engineer such a unique structure, as circles and ovals are uncommon in our industry due to the added complexity often associated with the fabrication process. And a project of this size was no exception! The four-foot deep steel oval structure was no doubt a difficult task to tackle, but with the right tools and a pool of creative craftsmen on which to draw, Greek Chicken’s pylon sign was a perfect fit for our custom fabrication capabilities.

With longevity and structural integrity in mind, Clear Sign chose rectangular tube over angle, top quality dual printed Flex faces over standard vinyl, metal halide light fixtures over fluorescent lamps – and the list goes on. The automotive paint applied to the pole and the addition of ventilation are among the provisions we added to ensure a long life and ease of service.

When comparing the old product to the new, a few things became quite apparent. Though there may have been some similarities between Clear Sign and the original sign company, the thing that most differentiates Clear Sign is our vision of what Greek Chicken needed, and the impact the right kind of sign could bring to their business. We then brought that vision to life as a quality long-term product that will stand the test of time and become an icon of creative branding, not a liability or an eyesore.

At Clear Sign & Design, we’re passionate about delivering value in the truest sense of the word. In products that last, products built with quality that communicate your branding message, products you can be proud of. If you are interested in finding out how we can use our experience to creating a lasting image or vision for your property or brand, give us a call at 760.736.8111 and lets get started.