Harold Stevens Jewelers

Architect: N/A
Builder: Clear Sign & Design
Sign Designer: Carrier Johnson

Having the ability to responsibly collaborate with our industry’s top designers and architects is a tremendous benefit to us as an elite fabricator. Unlike some sign companies – we value our role as a builder and understand the collaborative nature of working with design firms and architects alike. Although we do employ a fantastic in-house design team of our own, we also love the challenges and out-of the-box thinking we see from dedicated design firms.

Case in point… Harold Stevens Jeweler’s located in the heart of Downtown San Diego, founded by second-generation South African jeweler Harold Krasner in 1979.

Offering an eclectic assortment of high-end custom jewelry, Harold one day realized his tired looking storefront did not properly reflect the level of quality found inside. No longer satisfied, he turned to one of San Diego’s premier architects Carrier Johnson Culture to design an exterior sign package that spoke more accurately about the level of perfection waiting just inside.

Our role was simple – take the modern sleek design, and produce something extraordinary! Turn raw materials into something that looked rich, inviting and passionate… like the owner and designer intended.

With expectations laid out, Clear Sign delivered a 16’ wide steel structure that suspends (2) pieces of ½” tempered glass with no visible fasteners. Hiding inside are Tier-1 LED’s that evenly illuminate the entire panel and accent the painted acrylic lettering that mounts flush to the frosted glass panels. All of this is wrapped up in a clean and durable brushed Stainless Steel skin. Complementing the main exterior sign was a smaller side elevation sign, interior dimensional lettering and tasteful storefront graphics.

Bringing this concept to life as a durable product required dozens of hours of production design and structural engineering. When it was all said and done, Harold and his family were left with something they could be proud of – a stunning sign that reflects their passion for design and will attract customers to their store for the next 30 years.

If you are interested to see what Clear Sign can create or build for you and your project, just give is a call today… 760.736.8111 and one of our team members will walk you through the process step by step.