The Rady School of Management

Architect: HMC / Ellerbe Becket
Builder: Swinerton Builders
Sign Designer: Carrier Johnson + Culture

In 2003 the University of California at San Diego founded the Rady School of Management with a gift from local philanthropist Ernest Rady. The Rady School quickly gained a reputation for developing entrepreneurs, particularly in the emerging biotech industry. On May 11, 2012, the Rady School celebrated the opening of Wells Fargo Hall, a significant milestone for the school that has experienced extraordinary success and growth. With sweeping views of the Pacific, Wells Fargo Hall is a feat of contemporary architecture and tasteful design. The five-story, steel structure is comprised of two buildings that connect to the existing Phase 1 occupied building. The building was constructed to meet LEED Silver certification, achieving high performance in human and environmental health, water savings and energy efficiency.

The 81,000 square-foot Wells Fargo Hall includes a 295-seat auditorium with technology that will enable the Rady School to broadcast important campus events and meetings locally and through the web, a conference room that is equipped with leading-edge, seamless video teleconferencing capability, a dedicated space for MBA students to be used for study and collaboration, a laboratory that will be used by Rady School professors for research on consumer behavior, leadership and behavioral economics, as well as numerous state-of-the-art conference rooms and classrooms. Clear Sign & Design was pleased to participate in this project by fabricating and installing a large package of Way-finding, Donor, and Code-Related signage.

As rewarding as this project was, it brought several challenges to our team that required ingenuity and a variety of resources to complete. The most demanding of these was the faux-brushed bronze finish applied to a variety of different sized substrates. In the end, our team delivered products that met the expectations of the project architects and designers – products that everyone on our team could be proud of.

Rather than spending time contemplating ways to cut corners or materials… our team stayed laser-focused on producing only the best product we could. And the results of our passion for excellence can easily be seen in the execution of our finished product.

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