The Exchange

Architect: MVEI
Builder: KPRS
Developer: Jamboree Housing
Sign Designer: Clear Sign

“Affordability meets quality” was the chosen objective during the design process, and for good reason. This 132 unit affordable apartment building boasts a laundry list of amenities and high quality / durable finishes.


Like every other Jamboree project we have worked on, there is always a driving force to be different, and creative with the signage.


With such strong architecture our inspiration was to show strength and depth in our plaques, by utilizing 1” thick acrylic. These blanks were then diamond cut and flame polished before being treated to the second surface print, clear braille and tactile lettering. Adding additional interest was the laser etched logo watermark on the front and property name on the side that was filled with metallic paint. The sign was then dressed with a color coordinated (by floor) painted aluminum lower bars.


The final effect was grand. Thick, heavy, rich looking effect that changes its look as your perspective changes from the front to either side.


It is not very often a design direction is blessed after just one design rev. but once the sample sign made it into the hands of the team it was clear the direction we were going in was perfect.


The approach to the property is from a large distance so the property needed a fairly large sign. Further complicating this need was the angle of the building and shortage of space, which lead to the final shape and size. Then came the details needed to enhance the sign and match the character of the interior package. So the decision was made to edge light some frosted 1” acrylic with a pallet of color changing LEDs.


This created a fantastic backdrop and provided the necessary contrast for our backlit channel lettering that includes white LED’s that shine through a day/night perforated vinyl.


The final effect matched our original intent to a tee... and provides the property a distinct brand that is all its own. Holding true to the original mission of blending “affordability with quality”.


At Clear Sign, our competitive advantage lies in our vast capabilities and in the client-centric culture that fuels our collaborative nature. At the end of the day, The Exchange raises the bar for what is capable from an affordable apartment.


To find out how Clear Sign can benefit your next project feel free to give us a call at 760.736.8111 and lets start something today!