The Rey

Architect: CCBG Architects
Builder: Swinerton Builders
Developer: Wood Partners
Sign Designer: Clear Sign

Simply elegant.


From start to finish, and from top to bottom, this massive 479-unit property is in reality much larger than it feels. From the moment you walk in the door, this tower of concrete and steel feels like home. With clean lines, timeless architecture, and cohesive design the REY raises the bar for all others to compare.


The challenge of creating a complete interior/exterior sign package that would stand alone, yet not interfere with the architecture was critical.


At the end of the day, our team designed, manufactured and installed a magnificent package that ranged from internally illuminated unit entry signs, dual layer code signage with wood laminate accents, fabricated exterior signs, garage graphics, and an extensive marketing package.


If you ever get a chance to visit the property you will see for yourself the award winning job that Swinerton and Wood partners were able to create, along with our elegant complimentary signage package.


At Clear Sign, our competitive advantage lies in our vast capabilities and in the client-centric culture that fuels our collaborative nature. We see the ART, in all that we do.


To find out how Clear Sign can benefit your next project feel free to give us a call at 760.736.8111 and let's start something today!