Union Tribune

Architect: N/A
Builder: Clear Sign & Design
Sign Designer: Clear Sign & Design

Maintaining proud ownership of (4) Pulitzer Prizes, The San Diego Union Tribune has a rich history as a major metropolitan newspaper dating back to the early 1850’s.


The SDUT has called only (3) residences home preceding their most recent move to 600 B street, located in downtown San Diego. Not only are they making great use of their nearly 100,000 sq. ft. new downtown “high-tech” office space, they have also taken full advantage of their exterior signage allowances. Partnering with fellow BiA members Clear Sign & Design, the Union Tribune now boasts (2) 6.5’ tall sets of illuminated channel letters visible from nearly everywhere in downtown San Diego including Interstate 5, Coronado Island, and Petco Park.


Clear Sign’s experience was key to the flawless execution of an extremely challenging project involving the removal and installation of (2) sets of channel letters 415’ above pedestrian traffic. When the potential liabilities are noted, it is evident that a project of this scope is not for everyone; it takes a unique company to work safely and successfully in such a tough environment. This is precisely why the Union Tribune chose Clear Sign to design, permit, engineer, fabricate, remove the old letters, and install both sets of new letters.


Great detail was taken to not only ensure that the individual letters were built to withstand the ever-present wind, but that all materials used would be corrosion-resistant and last for decades. To overcome these issues, Clear Sign selected the industry’s best Low voltage LED products to illuminate the letters brighter than neighboring neon and LED signs. It was no surprise when our installers flipped the switch the night after installation was completed and saw our 12V powered letters proudly outshining the competition.


The high-rise environment also called for special attention to detail in securing the letters thereby addressing obvious concerns of drilling hundreds of holes into the building’s facades. To counteract the concerns, Clear Sign employed a proprietary mounting and sealing method to ensure a stable connection to the building with watertight penetrations for mounting and electrical.


Being apart of a major San Diego branding project for the world famous San Diego Union Tribune was a proud moment for our company and a cause that brought out the best in our entire team of tradesmen and craftsmen.


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