Wild Animal Park

Architect: N/A
Builder: Clear Sign & Design
Sign Designer: Tim Reamer

In 1972, the Zoological Society of San Diego opened the San Diego Wild Animal Park, an 1,800 acre preserve dedicated to exhibiting animals in an open, natural environment. In its first year alone, the Wild Animal Park attracted 780,000 visitors, which is no surprise considering the Park’s population of 3,500 animals representing 429 species -- including the largest crash of Rhinos of any zoological facility in the world. Today, the Wild Animal Park remains one of the San Diego region's premier visitor attractions and enjoys a worldwide reputation for its dedicated efforts to preserve endangered species.

Clear Sign & Design was proud to be awarded the challenge to build a new Main Entrance sign for this iconic landmark. Our team quickly assembled to specify all of the quality products needed to build not only something beautiful but something durable enough to stand the test of time. With durability in mind we decided on making the structure from concrete and partnered with Taylor Construction to pour and stand the massive 18,000 lb. walls that were later welded in place and treated with a two-tone gradient stain.

Once the structure was complete, Clear Sign & Design fabricated and installed a 4000lb multi-layered Rhino that was built using (5) sections of .25” aluminum attached to an intricate 4”x4” steel tube frame. We then welded the Rhino onto (2) 10” steel pipes and illuminated it with (6) 60” high output fixtures. After the Rhino was carefully placed, we then built and installed the 5’ tall reverse channel letters that cast a contrasting green halo at night. Despite the enormous scope of the sign, each illuminated letter has a current draw of one amp or less.

From the beginning it was clear the Wild Animal Park structure would be an interesting and challenging project, but through careful planning, expert fabrication and professional installation we stayed true to the original design concept and construction requirements.

These photos will show some of the work done during the 5 week installation process, but not until the new Wild Animal Park sign is seen in person can one truly appreciate its mass or the level of detail brought to life by our designers, fabricators, and installers.

If you have a need for an original, eye-catching sign that will stand the test of time -- no matter the size -- give us a call at 760.736.8111, and put the Clear Sign & Design team to work for you.